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Jun. 10th, 2009

Games to Finish For the Summer

Well since I wrote up what I'm gonna be watching for the summer (anime-wise), me being the gamer I am, I also have a massive
list of games I need to finish up before I get busy with schoolwork in the Fall. So lets see what I have

Main PS3 Games to Finish (Story-Wise)

Terminator Salvation (rented for easy trophies)
Valkyria Chronicles
Resident Evil 5
Cross Edge
Eternal Sonata
Sonic Unleashed
Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm
Disgaea 3
Grand Theft Auto 4
Armored Core For Answer
Assassins Creed
Wanted: Weapons of Fate (Rented)
Battlefield: Bad Company

Main PS2 Games to Finish (Story-Wise)

God of War 2
Radiata Stories
Indigo Prophecy
Odin Sphere
Final Fantasy XII
Rogue Galaxy
Tales of the Abyss
Tales of Legendia
Beyond Good and Evil (before the 2nd game comes out)

PS3 Games to play to get more Trophies

Killzone 2
Prince of Persia (PS3)
Uncharted 1
Burnout Paradise
Resistance 2
Call of Duty World at War

PSP games to finish

Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops
Star Ocean: 2nd Story
Jeanne D'arc
Wild Arms XF
The Warriors
Yggdra Union (im stuck at one level, its pissing me off >_< grrr)
Dead Head Fred (John C McGinley FTFW!!!)

So yeah.......I have quite the pile of games to finish off, maybe thats why if any of you are in a skype chat with me at night time, why I'm usually playing a game during the convo, because I have a lot to catch up with (Night Time is usually the only time I get a chance to actually play something as I'm usually busy during the days) haha but im determined to get as much of these done as possible, I'm currently trying to get through Resident Evil 5 and Valkyria Chronicles. Both Great games =3

May. 29th, 2009

Abridged Stuff Update #1

So just an update on some stuff thats been going on:

In terms of Abridged Work, been making some progress.

Clannad TAS: Me and Warmhearted finally finished the script for episode 1. Turn out great we think, and I don't think it will disappoint. The only problem is that its really really long, and theres just too many scenes we want to keep. It will most likely be breaking the 10 minute mark so probably gonna be like 10 min and 30 sec. However, I proposed a solution that we will edit all scenes, but ommit a few from the original episode, then release the scenes as stand-alone extras, as you see in DVD movies where they have extras that weren't in the original picture. We already sent all the lines out, and hopefully by next week, we'll have all the lines in. Then Julie can get to work on the editing, wahoo! Can't wait to see the episode =3

Familiar of Zero Abridged: We're about halfway done with the script, and just one word for this so far. RANDOM. Almost too random, lol but it should be, how should I say.....interesting. Though this is in response to some comments I've seen where they said we need to be a bit more random, hehe. But tonight we're gonna script again and hopefully finish it. Then hopefully by next weekend I can start editing episode 5.

Zone of the Enders 2 Abridged: Me and LordQuadros have finished the script for the prologue episode, and this one shouldn't be too bad to do. It will probably be the next abridged work I'll have done soon, since theres only 5 people I need lines from (small compared to other episodes where i need 9+ people) and the episode should be relatively short (probably 5-7 minutes). But as soon as the lines are done (which should be soon) ill be working on that (It'll probably be done sometime next week).

Gokudou Abridged: The script is also done for this, though it seems that I mainly helped Gahooly with giving the rough ideas on where the script should go and some references ideas, but from there, she did a great job translating those ideas into actually lines and giving alot of good ideas herself. So it came out nicely. The wait time for lines shouldn't be long as theres only 3 people in this (me, gahooly, and Kolorahl). Ill have my lines done by this weekend, and hopefully kolorah and gahooly will too. Then she can start editing this baby, hehe.

Nadesico TPS: I still need to get together sometime with CountAbyss and LordQuadros, I keep prolonging the time we're supposed to script, because either when im available, count isn't, when he was, I wasn't and so on. So hopefully soon can finish it but we got a good 30-40% done with the script. However, even if we finished the script for ep 3 now, it'll still take a while before I can edit it, because Koivo is visiting America right now, and can't record until his trip is over (I was actually supposed to meet up with him and chill, but due to having to find a job, can't take the time to go to San Diego to catch the guy). But in the meantime, we're gonna shoot to get two scripts done for ep 3 and 4, so they can be ready by the time he returns.

Phew, being a part of 5 projects is alot of work. But yeah, its definitely fun =)

May. 23rd, 2009

Anime to Watch list for Summer

So I was busy the past few months with school, and with my spare time usually was either chatting with people, doing abridged work or making vids, and occasionally went out. But I didn't have much time to watch anime, and since its summer, I thought, "Well now's a great time to do some major catching up." 20 minutes later after listing all the series I said I was going to watch (and maybe watch), I'm horrified. Simply horrified at how much the list has grown. NOW keep in mind I will not be watching all of these. In fact, it'll be a miracle if I even tackle half of this list. Though I'm shooting for maybe at least a good quarter of them. But here's my list of Anime I still need to watch.

(Will update this by crossing out the series I finish)

[Anime series that are done]

-Munto TV 

-Toaru Majutsu no Index
-White Albulm
-Asu no Youichi **halfway done**
-Tales of Abyss **1/3 done**
-Tower of Druaga 2nd season **1/3 done**
-Allison to Lilia
-Nodame Contabile Paris **halfway done**
-Casshern Sins  **1/3 done**
-Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
-Shikabane Hime Aka/Kuro
-Kurokami The Animation

[Anime Currently Airing]

-Hayate the Combat Butler (caught up)
-Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood
-Valkyria Chronicles **though want to beat the game first before watching**
-Eden of the East
-Hatsukoi Limited

[Maybe to check out if I have time]
*Note: more than likely wont have time, lol*

-Tears to Tiara
-Kyouran Kazoku Nikki
-Linebarrels of Iron

[Anime DVD's I own]

-Coyote Ragtime Show *halfway done*
-Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi
-Code Geass Box 2
-Aquarion Box 2
-Black Lagoon
-GetBackers *1/2 done*
-YuYu Hakushou


Well good news is that a bunch of the ones on top of list are almost done with (with 3-4 eps left to finish, or halfway done). So I'll definitely be finishing those. Theres also a bunch of great series airing this season, and the summer line-up should be coming around pretty soon, and who knows how that will turn out. Anime is such a time-consuming Hobby *cries* LOL. I also need to make room on here to get all of this anime on my harddrive (because I like downloading my episode rather than watching a streamed version). But yeah, hopefully I can knock off 25% of this bitchin list. XD

What am I doing up this late?

*sigh* Well this is a lovely way for me to start off my livejournal account. Anyways its like 5am in the morning here and I go, "I may as well make one to at least write out some things that are going through my mind that are preoccupying myself from going to sleep". So yeah.

To be honest I should be happy. I just got back from a nice trip with family to Reno, had a nice time, I won an alright profit from gambling, and school is done. I currently got back a C and 2 B's from my classes so far (community college) and awaiting another grade, which is lingering between a B and C (hoping its a B). But thats not the reason why I'm up late or why I feel preoccupied.

Many changes are going to be happening in the house here. Bottom line for me, I need to find a place for myself when I can. I was already planning to anyways but it seems I have to start looking earlier than I was expecting. But here comes the problem. Money. Great thing that school is over is that now I'm going to look for a job. Hopefully something thats in my field (which is computer science) but if not, I'll have to take what I can get with this economy our nation is in. So finding a job is something im preoccupied about, am I going to find one? Am I going to find one soon, because I need the money to see about moving? Another thing too for why I need to find a job ASAP is because I need to know if I can make plans this summer. One of my best friends is gonna be graduating in june from college and I want to go down one weekend to visit her and celebrate with her. But I can't make any promises unless I make sure if I have a job by then, and if I do, how is my schedule. Same thing with in July, I really want to go to Anime Expo, a big anime convention in Los Angeles. A few friends I know want to know if I am going or not so we can reserve a hotel room. Plus theres gonna be alot of other abridgers that I've talked with before that I want to meet (in case you dont know, I'm an abridger too, I do Familiar of Zero Abridged and Nadesico the Parody Series). But I keep telling them it depends on when or if I get a job. I would need 5 days for AX (since would be there on 1st through the 5th), and that would be a stretch to ask your manager just when you get hired. But, uggghh, we'll see.

However the thing that is preoccupying my mind the most revolves around school. If you dont know, I didn't make it in my last university. I spent 4 years in it, had one more year to go for my bachelors in computer science, and I blew it with how much my GPA dropped. Now I'm trying to enroll in another university thats closer. Its not as great as my first university but its no slouch at all. However, given with how my GPA was in my last school, I hope my grades from my semester of community college will raise my GPA enough to get me to be accepted. I'm just crossing my fingers that I get accepted because I dont know what I'll do if I don't. I could go back to my old university next january for winter quarter, since theres a policy of a 1 year cool-off and you come back. The catch is that you need to make a 3.0 GPA that quarter, and given that I NEVER had a 3.0 GPA in a quarter throughout my 4 years in the college, I find i doubtful that I would be able to pull it off (closest i came to a 3.0 was a 2.8 GPA). I think the biggest problem for me then, and even now with how I was in community college, is that I'm too damn lazy or unmotivated to do it. It's almost like I'm waiting for the last minute before I truely feel motivated to get work done. And that really screws me over in the end. It's a bad habit of mine, I've been trying to find ways to get out of that, and sometimes I do, but many other times I dont. But I'm also worried if I do get accepted to this university im applying to, if my laziness will haunt me there too. I predict i would only need another year then finish. But who knows, I'll know later this summer how that goes.

I have alot coming up this summer with looking for a job, cleaning up this place and prepping to move sometime in the future, prepping for college if I get accepted, or figuring out what to do if I dont get accepted, along with my Youtube activities which consist of making AMV's and Abridged series episodes. Plus another thing I kinda need to work on is getting to know more people around this area. For the past years, I lived more in my old university town than in my hometown here (because I moved to california for college, so I havn't been here since I was born), so obviously I made ALOT more friends there than here. And I've befriended some people and hung with a few from classes here at my local community college but only a few times. Reminds me that while I say I'm open to meeting new people, it's hard for me to do just that because I'm very timid at first. Though if you ask any of my good friends, or even casual ones, they will tell you I'm anything but timid. Because I gotta say, it does feel alot lonelier here than when I was in my old college town (because I had alot more friends there to chill with). Maybe with my new possible workplace, it'll give me an opportunity to get to know new people. I'll see...

Well I'm sorry for this melodramatic post, but I wanted to just write whats going on my mind, though I'm kinda getting sleepy now so I'll be heading off to bed. Hopefully i'll have a more positive post next time.